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Prince Paris is the new artist name for Paris & Simo, the dynamic production duo of Paris Fotis and Simo Teti based out of Montreal, Canada. The good news for fans is that they still produce all the music together, however, with it being just Paris who travels and performs live for international shows, the name change to from Paris & Simo to Prince Paris was a natural evolution for their dance music project.

Paris Fotis was born to Greek parents and the name Prince Paris was inspired by Paris’ own Greek heritage and named after Prince Paris of Troy in the ancient Greek poem, The Iliad. Paris was musically inclined and creative from a young age and has been DJing and producing under the Paris & Simo banner Since 2012 and has been the face of Paris & Simo on tour for all shows outside of North America to date.

The Prince Paris resume includes having toured with David Guetta in Canada, shared the stage at legendary festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, Tomorroworld USA, and Ultra Miami in North America, plus shows in South America and Italy and Turkey in Europe. Paris has toured far and wide across Asia at leading clubs and festivals in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and India to date.

After being signed to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings label, Prince Paris produced multiple tracks including progressive house songs ‘Nova’, ‘Seasons’, ‘Escape’ featuring 3LAU and Bright Lights, and ‘Not Alone’ featuring Mako. His track ‘Evermore’ was premiered on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 and marked a musical progression into new territory with feel-good tracks such as ‘Evermore’, ‘Keep Me Close’ and ‘Come As You Are’ featuring Karen Harding following in a similar vein.

Prince Paris will close out the 2018 release schedule with ‘My Position’ featuring Mindtrix and ‘All Of You’, while early 2019 releases are confirmed on leading labels Revealed and Gem Stone, plus a huge cover version that we’re very excited to officially announce very shortly.


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